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Visiting Pilani?

Location & Climate
Pilani is a small town, located on the fringes of the shifting sands of the Thar, in the desert state of Rajasthan in India at Latitude 02837 North and Longitude 07575 East.  The climate of Pilani is generally dry and pleasant. Summer temperatures normally peak at 45C. In winter, temperatures may drop to 0C. Annual rainfall is about 30 cm. In February the temperature ranges between 10C to 30C. It is about 200 km West of Delhi and about 220 km North of Jaipur which are nearest International Airports. Pilani can be reached by road.

Traveling by Bus: There are regular bus services between Delhi and Pilani and between Jaipur and Pilani.  The buses leave Delhi from Inter-State Bus Terminus "Kashmere Gate", and Jaipur from Rajasthan State Roadways Bus Stand "Sindhi Camp".
Traveling by car/taxi from Delhi: It takes about 4-4.5 hours. There are four different routes:

  • Delhi-Jhajhar-Dadri-Loharu-Pilani.

  • Delhi-Rohtak-Bhiwani-Loharu-Pilani. 

  • Delhi-Gurgaon-Dharuheda-Riwari-Narnaul-Singhana-Chirawa-Pilani.

  • Delhi-Gurgaon-Dharuheda-Riwari-Mahendragrh-Satnali-Loharu-Pilani.

 Traveling by car/taxi from Jaipur: It takes about 4-5 hrs. Route is:

  •  Jaipur-Chomu-Reengas-Sikar-Nawalgarh-Jhunjhunu-Chirawa-Pilani.


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